Text course "Memories of Rain" (PDF version)

Text course "Memories of Rain" (PDF version)

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Set contents...Text image data, stencil data (The second image is the cover.) ★Please print out the stencil at A4 size and use it. For those who have some experience in pastel art. Time required: about 2 hours Size: 15 x 15 cm ※In addition to the basic tools, it is useful to have a circle stencil, etc. (used to draw Soap bubbles) ★This class is aimed at people with experience in pastel art, so there will be no explanation of how to use tools or basic pastel techniques. Please prepare your own tools. If you have any questions about how to draw, please contact me via the LINE account on my website. website→https://irodori-no-mori.com/ If you send me images of your work, we will introduce it on my blog.  ●Payment is by PayPal only. ★★Notes★★ Please read before you buy. I hope you enjoyed the textbook course. I 've summarized what you can and can't do after taking the textbook course. I want you to follow the rules and use this text. ●If you describe as "Atelier colorful forest's design " you can do it ・Teach in your classroom (Pastel A rt Qualified only) ・Posting your work on SNS ・Participation in the exhibition ・Give your art work ●Prohibitions ・Sales of text PDF data ・Use of textbooks in lessons ・Distribute textbooks to students in lessons. ・Transfer and attachment of PDF data